Conversing with an Agnostic Apatheist

There was a time na sumabay ako sa isang campus missionary ko na friend with other students to study sa Coffee Project in Katipunan. After that, I went to my friend to a gig. I met a friend who happens to be a fan of my friend. So habang nag uusap ang friend ko with the band and their manager, kami ang nag usap ng friend. What happened is we talked about religion. Ang reason kaya napunta dun ang usapan kasi she asked me how I got to know my friend, and I told her na nagkakilala kami in church. Kaya important din for us na hindi mahiya sa identity natin as Christians, kasi puwede naturally na mag flow or mapunta dun ang usapan.

Going back, pagkatapos nun ay she confessed agad na hindi siya interested to know things about God. She said kasi na parang wala naman kasi si God sa life niya, and though she grew up as a Catholic, for her ay she grew out of religion. Wala raw nangyari sa life niya that made her have a change of worldview, it’s just the religion is hollow. Sabi niya na relieved siya na ang mga kapatid niya ay naging mga atheist when they grew up. After this, I made a comment about the importance of truth, then I asked her kung ano ba ang makakapag-give sa kanya ng interest in terms of knowing more about God. Marami siyang sinabi. Basically she said na she will be interested to know more about God if someone will be able to answer her questions, which are: “Why does anything at all exist?”, “Why are we here in this world?”, “Why are we experiencing suffering?”.

Sinagot ko yung unang question niya which is “Why does anything at all exist?”. I shared with her ang Cosmological Argument. Nagustuhan niya yung scientific evidences na I shared. Napamura pa siya to show her delight. Basically, I showed her na si God ang best explanation ng meaning ng universe. After that, I asked her kung ano ang tingin niya sa argument ko, she said na she believes in a higher power, pero hindi daw for her ay hindi involved ang Creator na God sa buhay natin. I told her na dati akong atheist, and she said na happy siya to find what works for me. Gusto ko sana sagutin yung question naman niya about suffering, pero she said na i-save nalang for another time. We were not able to meet again, pero I believe na maganda yung binigay ko na question to someone who says na hindi interested to know about God, yung question na, “what will make you be interested to know about God?”. For me kasi, this will be able to help us gauge if ang person ay willing to have a reasonable na discussion with us. Part din kasi ng discipleship is to make unbelievers believers. And walang pinipili na type of person na dapat daw i-disciple, so this includes mga tao who say na hindi sila interested. I hope na her questions are being answered through other people. May this be an encouragement din to study, kasi we will never know if we’ll meet someone like her who needs her questions about God to be answered.

written by: Omar Arellano